We create and moderate motivational,
solution-driven virtual investigator meetings with simple active participation

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Virtual Interactive

The new virtual investigator meeting landscape

Do you need to bring investigators together (for training, problem-solving, to accelerate recruitment etc.), but recognise that standard online platforms are neither engaging or effective?

Now there is a new way!

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Your Virtual Interactive Investigator Meeting

Keeping your study on track

Our clinical team can:

Understand your study issues and

Create a customised Virtual Interactive programme

To help you...

Assess protocol feasibility

Improve recruitment

Ensure accurate eCRF completion

Give protocol updates

Provide interactive training

Solve problems

Share best practice


Steering committees


A collection of useful guides to VI

Virtual interactivity is a new way to activate your investigator meetings

What is it? How does it work? What are the benefits?

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VI meetings explained

The importance of
investigator engagement

5 top tips for a
successful VI meeting

The pitfalls of
standard platforms

Benefits of VI for
study site teams

Active-vi in action:
Case studies

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